[Web Development] [UX Design]

URL: http://www.wedundee.com

TECHNOLOGIES: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Velocity.js, Node.js

Financed by Dundee City Council for
 the 2023 European Capital of Culture bid.

  • Minimalist design, with usual chat commands and cues (enter to send, ellipsis to show that the interlocutor is writing, flow bottom to top, etc.). We want the focus on the content, not the UI.
  • Progressive disclosure: we used the bot to progressively explain to the user what to do, and add elements (photos, forms…) only when useful.
  • The chat log only displays the three last entries, to simulate a real-life conversation. You need to pay attention to the bot, or ask him to repeat. We also added slight delays to the bot replies in purpose.
  • Project in collaboration with a designer from The Agency of None and another developer from Biome Collective (who worked on the AI). I was responsible for the front-end development and gave my input concerning the user experience.